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breaking news that being that twitter has. on its platform. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington media the media. voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. here's what people have been saying about reject. the only show i go out of my way to. the really. is the john oliver of our two year marriage.
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we are apparently better than. the sea people you've never heard of. jack the. rest of the world bank very. seriously. hello again you with our later today new light could be shed on one of the twentieth century's darkest episodes from trump's administration is allowing the release of classified documents into president kennedy's assassination that as the fifty year congress deadline passes to keep the information under wraps kennedy was killed in dallas in november of one thousand nine hundred sixty three he was in an open top car with the first lady when shots rang at the killer was lee harvey oswald he was swiftly arrested were shot and killed two days later while on the
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police escort historians have long discussed his motive and his past and he did have an interesting if brief experience in the soviet union to. retraced his footsteps. where might you find the most drama and lee harvey oswald's life story before the events of november nineteenth sixty three well it could be his short but eventful stay in this city four years before he is president kennedy. most of the places which form part of extraordinary trip still exist like the ski railway station where he arrived from helsinki in finland his last stop in a western country before reaching the u.s.s.r. . also old stayed right here at
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the hotel berlin which is now the savoy it's just a few minutes walk from the kremlin and the former k.g.b. headquarters. his visa meant that he only had six days to get a soviet citizenship so he wasted no time in trying to secure his hammer and sickle passport which began with this letter i believe harvey oswald requested that i be granted citizenship in the soviet union i want citizenship because i am a communist and a worker i have lived in a decadent capitalist society where the workers are slaves i do not want to return to any country outside of the soviet union there was interview after interview with the k.g.b. but couldn't convince officials he should be allowed that passport then back inside hotel berlin his russian guide in reality a supervisor that is assigned to every foreign visitor. inside the baths.
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inside one of these rooms he'd slashed wrist his. attempting to commit suicide doctors managed to save oswald's life he was allowed to stay and wait for mercy from a higher soviet authority with this confidence boost to the extreme asked american diplomats to revoke his citizenship then he agreed to an interview with one u.s. journalist i would say he was extremely superficial. very immature. and very misinformed. it took the former u.s. marine an enormous effort more than two months to get a soviet passport only for one year the day after he got hold of the document he set off for minsk and bell reuss the capital of one of the u.s.s.r.
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small republics to work out a soviet factory he boarded his train ride on this station and minsk oswald met his first soviet lover but she turned down his marriage proposal because she was afraid to marry an american and just two months later he met a nineteen year old marine a person his future wife and mother of his first child yet with a drab job and nothing to do outside of work according to oswald himself he would soon make the decision to leave the u.s.s.r. for good along with his family. after what seemed to be disillusionment with the u.s.s.r. there was only one way home for oswald and that was through the american embassy. tracing the footsteps of lee harvey oswald and moscow. ok now let's go back to our breaking news this hour twitter has brought her into
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the business from accounts of this channel we can discuss this a bit and i with these dang hawkins he's back in the studio then just run through the background then to help us understand what's happened yeah it's a pretty multi-layered developing. this breaking news about the banning of out of it has just come through in the last twenty minutes half an hour or so but let me give you some context here back in september twitter published a report that was fired told russian interference in the twenty sixth elections bots misinformation r.t. was mentioned in that report specifically twitter released confidential information about how much spent most in the channel on the twitter social media platform or policy used by pretty much every international media news organization i can think of now in the venom on the first of the twitter are due to go to congress to testify about these russian election interference russian election are king allegations and r t no doubt will take one of the center stages in that report as
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well r t is found itself of course under an increasing amount of pressure in the united states from social media to registration as a foreign agent as our editor in chief has commented on multiple times as they can listen to what you have to say but earlier door and you've done your reinventing recently no active measures except those targeting our reputation has been taken against us in the u.s. specifically new around us have we ever experienced the kind of pressure that we experience today in the us to the point eventually being forced out of the country . now in response to all this pressure r.t. is taken the decision to release some of its own information and this is purely as we've said to dispel some of these allegations thinly veiled allegations of wrongdoing of policy violations of misconduct there were negotiations between r.t. and twitter in the run up to the us election they began in east the twenty sixteen and went right through when he weeks and months twitter offered r.t.
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an exclusive package which was custom tailor made specifically for the us election and included all sorts of features from special modes you hashtags to research media marketing analysis of data to enable r.t. according to twitter to have a bigger u.s. audience to reach more people and spread the message you want to spread that was the aim of this package after these negotiations r.t. decided the cost was too high the price tag was too have to and decided against going with twitter's offer subsequently as we said twitter released this report about r.t. spending and is now going before congress now all this makes very little sense if you think about it some of the r.t. was offered a package by twitter specifically for the us election which had a price tag presumably much bigger than the one quoted in the twitter report initially refuse that package which would have given them
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a far bigger audience reach in the u.s. than they have now and subsequently this scandal began now back to the breaking news story twitter has now come out and said they're banning advertising by r t and sputnik across all their platforms are german russian arabic french or twitter social media platforms and what makes it more ironic they begin their statement which they've sent to us with twitter we believe in freedom of expression and in speaking truth to power they go on to say they want people to feel safe when they interact with our sites and advertisers br. value to our users yet at the same time they have gone on to say they've taken the decision and it's not a light decision but they are banning advertising by r.t. and support although they will remain as organic users on the platform as well now or a different chief more grievous simona has also issued a statement she said it's a very sad state of affairs for the state of social media advertising the she said
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it's particularly so that now american media in russia may very well feel the force of countermeasures as a result of this advertising ban and so we are seeing the continuation of this for tat cycle here but really if you look at the whole position here the aim of the report was misinformation bots and interference of what sort of course trolls fake accounts which can somehow you know apparently influence the u.s. election quite why r t you know an international media news organization that has repeatedly said it has nothing to do with with trolls with bots they do comply with the shuttle does comply with the policies of the social media quite why they've been made the focus of that report back in september and whether they will remain the focus of this testimony in front of congress really begs the question of why so margarita simonyan there mention will be interesting to see if twitter does mention that in their testimony than they were the one through approach us with this
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exclusive u.s. election office certainly what it's complicated but thanks very much for breaking it all down for us that was dan hawkins there. well the decision to block all advertisement from a cancer martin sputnik was immediately followed by reaction online to some have expressed their discontent with the move on twitter slamming the social network for being connected to the white house and looking locking news outlets that contradict the this. well let's get there he's now mark allman he's director of the crisis research institute and is with us deceiving we appreciate your time thanks for coming on firstly what's your reaction then to twitter's move here to block r.t. and also sputnik which is say from advertising on its platform. well i suppose they don't need the money there. but they are obviously in all or part we heard earlier that they have a motto that they speak truth to power that they may like to speak truth to power that don't really control them but inside the united states the u.s. congress is dominated by people who have worked up this frenzy that apparently
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a relatively small amount of money a few hundred thousand dollars at most in an election that cost almost two billion dollars could somehow or other swing the american voters and i think those politicians in the congress who have the social media platforms like twitter and google and others facebook a little bit in fear of a mccarthyite witch hunt are actually also damaging their own political standing because essentially the same thing american voter that your so gullible and foolish to have a tiny amount of money targeted in some way can control your minds and turn your votes and i think that's one of the reasons why a lot of americans have been alienated from the political stablished because they feel they're being condescended to and this latest measure is part of that process of standing on its head all the commitments to freedom of speech and competitive debate and so on and for that matter even america as the commercial hub of the world obviously the not going to take up the toys and i mean it's ironic isn't it
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mark for after what you just said there that in their statement they released just you know a few minutes ago a twitter said you know we've done this because we believe in freedom of expression i mean it's not one. yeah i referred say we are now in a slightly orwellian world where the people who believe in censorship say that they're doing it to protect freedom of speech but what they're really saying is the ordinary person when they switch on the television or look at the computer and troll twitter as a world or you stroll in the sense to stroll the what's on offer they are so foolish and gullible that they can be controlled almost to the minds of the american soldiers or the prisoners in the manchurian candidate we're we're really sinking back into the worst sort of phases of cold war hysteria and paranoia and i think it's very it's very dangerous for america it's not so much dangerous for the wider world except these platforms like twitter facebook and so on have a quality of not pulling across the globe so if they choose to censor they don't only censor what american citizens in america can see which may or may not be
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constitutional but they're actually applying these measures globally if you say it's insulting to sort of the general public you should be able to make up their own minds but what sort of reaction do you think the public public will give to this story when we've done our best to fill in the gaps and explain that actually twitter came to r.t. with this you know ground advertising campaign you were hoping would channel been paid for in the run up to the presidential election but i mean how does this feed into the public conception or world war i think unfortunately the great art of propaganda which hitler and dr gerbils knew was to get your message out first if you like that i will be really be believed it's the first thing said think about hillary clinton's involvement with the attempts to discredit donald trump through the so-called dirty dots here that is difficult for people to grasp because they were told this in fact it was republicans and people who are trying to trump background nothing to do with hillary terms and the democratic national convention was paying for this similarly with this story the mainstream media has gone with
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the idea that the russians in some way could control the minds of americans through the social media or care for even though they couldn't control the minds of ukrainians or stone eons much closer. home. and it's very difficult once this is got going to fight back against it as you know the germans say lies have long legs and unfortunately i think it will take a while for the actual detail of this to sink in but as i say i do think the condescending tone towards the public to the argument that really you're not up to being able to understand what you're reading or being told is going to brother backfire we saw we saw this as trump's rise partly reflects this the british briggs vote was also that the elites were saying you peasants you mustn't rebel you don't understand and of course it simply reinforced the alienation of people from the respectable points of view and that i think is ultimately dangerous for democracies if the elites begin to treat with contempt and condescension the voters and then
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the voters begin to say we'll teach you a lesson of the ballot box but begin to look for radical alternatives which may not necessarily be savory but nonetheless they are martyrs condescending and dismissive of the vote. or two it is going to testify isn't it seen in congress what you expect to hear from then do you expect to hear the full story when we as i said before we try to fill in the gaps are you expecting to hear this information that you've heard on r.t. in the last few minutes appear in congress to pour part of the problem is who's going to be asking the questions so. that we've seen i'm afraid that the congressional committees tend toward you remember seeing from the same hymn sheet there isn't really a questioning of the underlying assumptions as to why these investigations going on they're trying to reinforce and prove their point it reflects as it were the kind of one nine hundred fifty s. approach of house un-american activities committee as were witnesses who perhaps knew something that contradicted but the mccarthyite line were browbeaten shouted down and suffered economic consequences and so twitter facebook and so on sure huge
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corporations non the less maybe afraid that if they were to say well this isn't terribly significant really and we've done this to please you could face you know the state the power. are of the american government could calls them you can omit consequences so they may just want to run along with the line of questioning we're likely to get which i think unfortunately isn't going to take us further to the truth than the sort of inquiries we've seen already on a broader point mark i could be more optimistic what is going to be interesting isn't it to see what's said on a broader point. so i've lost you. lost connection. on the stand. there's
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no there's no cable about it. either you can hear me i can hear your i'm so sorry about that let me explain i'm like fell on the floor and then we had all sorts of problems throughout thirty seconds but you're back i was just trying to sort of explain do you feel there's a broader campaign against russia here a coordinated effort because we've seen in the last week you say to see that the u.k. is now looking into the possibility of russian interference in it breaks it and also the recent general election this is no coincidence is all happening at once. well i'm sure there are some people who call make some calls across the atlantic to coordinate their activities what is i think in a sense underlying this is the happiness with the classic western elites that things have been happening in the last two or three years that really pull the west
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on the back foot. not least in syria for instance the russian intervention in syria has turned the tide both of the civil war there but also the role of isis and so on and these are these events along with slavery and the rise of china are part of the broader geo political perspective which makes the west feel uneasy and instead i'm afraid of reinforcing classic western values of freedom of speech debate thinking that if we have an open and honest debate all sides going to win because we've got the better argument i will say this is where all the defensive mean minded view. we can't really answer back on this point we better shut them up it's all very well having an inquiry but you do have to come up with facts don't need to back up what you're saying i mean this is all very negative publicity for russia but at the end of the day when the inquiry is finished will they have the evidence to back up what they say. well what evidence is produced the moment seems to me that even if you take it as it's presented the degree to which anybody from russia whether russia
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today sputnik so called internet troll factories could have influenced the population of the united states on a scale that is claimed is such a bizarre conspiracy theory as to make the revelations as it were about the conspiracy theories about kennedy's assassination. seem to be almost plausible and yet i'm afraid we have a social psychological drama taking place as the american political elite tries to deal with the fact that it favored candidate lost even. shockingly to them they couldn't imagine that could happen that they see that in many ways from the philippines to the middle east their position in the world is beginning to be weakened and they instead of asking why don't we do something that will shore it up they are simply saying let's shut down the messenger let's throw the messenger down a well that's the persians used to do to bring this about nukes but at the same time it's ok for president obama to come over to the u.k. and tell people how to vote on breaks it. yes but of course that was a sign of
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a terrible lack of political sensitivity wasn't it it actually was counterproductive a lot of people in britain who had no hostility to the united states and all of us said who is he to tell us how to do just as i'm afraid if the queen of britain was to go to the united states until people have to vote it would backfire and that lack of any feeling for popular opinion is an extraordinary thing in a society that has been democratic for so long but we're afraid the the two party the double headed elite if you like of the american political system it's got rather out of touch with the voters as has some extent. and elsewhere than and now you know and instead of saying let's what can we do to alter our behavior what can we do to reconnect they're saying let's. cut off any news because of course the real danger from i say so is that this kind of quasi censorship will be extended to internal american descent to internal or alternative points of view and so on and search engines will not as it were there are people to find alternative points of
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view so it's actually ultimately a rather sinister more willian development particularly with this twitter claim that they're trying to promote freedom of speech and freedom of debate whilst. in practice cutting off certain aspects of it yet naturally speaking do you think you'll see some sort of organic fight back against this i mean talking about alternative media generally it's boom hasn't it over the last five years or so and people essentially turning to that in large numbers and turning away from what they were used to in the mainstream media do you think that will actually just help or incidents like this will just help or soon well i think that could happen here because one of the reasons why some of the mainstream media are as we're repeating the official line but also at same time losing their economic base is precisely that they have lost touch with readers and with their subscribers and it's quite striking that those newspapers and media in the west that or perhaps often call populist have managed to sustain an economic base even though the internet has
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opened up all these new channels of information a new forms of access and at the same time those new groups of new ways of finding voices for people and finding information from people who didn't necessarily know existed before or also obviously likely to grow unless somebody is able to turn the switch of censorship but if i think that was try it would be such a shock to the generation of the last twenty years it's grown up with such a plethora of access that i think it would backfire tremendously so i think in many ways the. the elites who are trying to sort of constrain debate op. in with far and i don't think it's a good thing for any of us it's going to be a very good outcome if they carry on this track yeah would you expect final question mark and i we've taken up a lot of your time it's very interesting would you expect this sort of drip drip drip form of censorship then i mean that they want to go whole hog now but from what you were saying you suspect there are there are people who would like just to say you know what we don't want your opinion there we're going to turn it off. if
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you were i think that there is always the danger isn't it that even if you were to accept all the allegations against the russian media and say we shouldn't really watch in our society that once people are able to do that they would begin to cover all the breeder they didn't like and i think therefore really as we can see freedom of speech has to be for the people who don't agree with for the people who say uncomfortable things even things that turn out not to be right because as soon as you say only the people who are correct can have freedom then you'll find there are very few of us left to be free. ok well laughing at the end but scary topic isn't it mark nonetheless thanks for your time tonight. that was mark owen director of the crisis research institute thank you. well let's talk further now how about what's happened to r.t. advertising on social media with social or in social media coordinator for r.t. i've just run through them what does this mean for r.t. this latest move by twitter. basically prevents any of the. panels
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or any of the brands in the r t ecosystem from commercially campaigning rather ties in on on twitter is not for the that's in the natural and what about the advertising pitch by twitter them promoting this channel during the us elections how did that play out just give us some detail to it because it apparently they came to us and said look you know pace all this money you'll get the chance to do whatever you like now on a greater scale during the during the election i don't think it's i don't think it's fair to say whatever you like. well yeah you know we we instigated a twitter partnership of twitter. twenty fifteen and as part of that obviously there's discussions around how we might campaign over twenty sixteen and one of the topics that came up was the u.s. election. that was part of the discussions that took place you know we were we were pretty careful about how we how we put together campaigns or how we even sexualize
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campaigns of the states the only because of the let's say the hysterical environment around r.t. and affiliated brands in the states you know things things that we would undertake on the social side are very often kind of you know read into in a kind of conspiracy conspiratorial way you know which. in fact you know if you speak to the guys at twitter you know well they might not know because they're probably a little bit afraid of voicing any kind of confidence in what we've been up to and given the environment in the united states at the moment i'm not surprised by that would you look at the other day you know we were we remain a digital universe of company we have a very very strong digital presence and it's quite clear in my opinion that you know digital platforms in the big american digital platforms are now being asked by you know committees it's their relationship with this you know with this media organization where you know all we've ever done is basically you know published
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during your time your relationship with twitter you know. we have they ever express concern about content that's come from. no never was it ever come up. no never did. you know. we we were powerful digital organization and the network certainly if you look at the numbers and the reach and the scale across our big spanish english german french and russian you know that's a sizable net. you know with many millions of followers across both twitter facebook and obviously in you tube who are or were well respected. recently as well so you know we've always always valued editorially our ability to operate according to the best practices and according to the standards that were set down by the platforms themselves so for example twitter's been always been much more is deal with for example facebook notoriously tweaks their algorithm and changes
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changes how things work. changes around. their partners and there's other communities. first of all as a news organization it's absolutely fundamental that we're on twitter and that we use twitter to discover verified news that's really really the most important thing so commercially yes of course you know it's it's it's kind of shocking you know it's surprising. it's certainly not in the spirit of the relationship. over the past few years. you know personally disappointed you know i hope. find a way to build a bridge again given. the hysteria around russia gays in russia twitter and you know stories are dissolving as we speak. you know i don't see that happening in the short term but it's a disappointing day for the relationship. for the. coordinator of across the thank
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you. for your. we're going to be back with you in a couple of. how does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like us is nobody you know visitation i don't no one comes anymore we don't have to sergeant anymore is cost effective that's what they want to do that as long as they don't give a damn if you do the chores and that they're badly painted to put it back into the good the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the u.s.n. breach what she could is behind such success.
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quantitative easing is a hoax it's a joke it's debt monetization it's a prelude to hyper inflationary currency that is the us dollar collapsing. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media. the voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. here's what people have been saying about rejected and this is
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a full on. the only show i go out of my way to. the really packs of oh yeah john all over a party america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of. jack to the next president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. breaking news this hour twitter says it has blocked advertising by all accounts owned by the channel. twitter included in its report to congress on the alleged russian meddling despite offering this channel an exclusive and pricey advertising campaign ahead of the us elections . i i i also to come this. is in the balance.


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